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Die Antwort auf Fragen, die mit „Bin ich eigentlich die einzige Person …“ anfangen, ist grundsätzlich „Nein“.

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Support the SMJG

As a charitable organization, the SMJG e.V. is entirely funded by donations. All of the money raised is entirely used to cover our costs. All members work voluntarily to continuously improve our services.

Our costs are composed as following:

We need your help to be able to continue this service!

Even if you are located outside of Germany, you can support us:

Become a Patron

If you would like to fund our work with a recurring amount, you might want to become a patron of SMJG. Patreon is a crowdfunding platform where you can decide on the amount that you would like to donate. Please visit patreon.com/smjg where you find all the necessary information.


Your donation - no matter if it is a one-time donation or monthly reoccurrence - will be used to directly cover our costs and contribute to our work. Please label your donation as such as the payment reference.

Wire Transfer

Account Holder: SMJG e.V.
IBAN: DE26 3705 0299 0370 5640 98
BIC: C0KSDE33XXX (Kreissparkasse Köln)


You can send us a donation using PayPal by sending to: angie@smjg.org

Please use wire transfer whenever possible, as PayPal charges us a small fee for each donation.

Note on Tax Deductibility: Depending on the laws of your country, your donation might be eligible for a tax deduction, as we are a registered charitable organization in Germany. Please be aware that we cannot provide legal assistance on tax deductibility for your country. If your donation exceeds 200 Euros, we can provide you with a donation receipt according to German law. Please contact finanzen@smjg.org for this purpose or with any other questions.